The Green Green Grass (2005-2009)


When Peckham’s finest second-hand car trader, Boycie (John Challis) learns that the dreaded Driscoll Brothers (Roy Marsden and Chris Ryan) have ‘somehow’ got it into their heads that he grassed them up to the police, he has little choice but to go on the run. Fancying himself in the role of country squire, he drags long suffering wife, Marlene (Sue Holderness) and teenage son, Tyler (Jack Doolan), to the wilds of Shropshire and their new home, Winterdown Farm.

But any notion of their new life being all country fairs and fox hunts quickly evaporates when they realise that they have also taken on the local yokels that are the farm’s staff: Elgin “farm manager” Sparrowhawk (David Ross), unlucky-in-love herdsman Brian (Ivan Kaye), simple-minded crops man Jed (Peter Heppelthwaite) and housekeeper and village gossip, Mrs Cakeworthy (Ella Kenion). On top of this things get off to a less than perfect start with their new neighbour, patriotic Welshman, Llewellyn (Alan David.) Will Boycie ever fit in with the landed gentry? Will Marlene ever get used to the ‘unnaturally’ quiet country nights? Will the Driscoll brothers ever catch up with them? And will Mrs Cakeworthy ever actually do any housework?