Only Fools and HorsesGold is making a new five-part series The Story of Only Fools and Horses which traces the show’s origins and takes an in-depth behind-the-scenes look at how it developed into Britain’s favourite comedy series.

“Shazam Productions is very happy and excited to be co-producing with North One a new five-part celebration of Only Fools and Horses,” says Jim Sullivan. “With new interviews with cast, crew and fans, and exclusive clips, we hope it will give fresh insight into the making of the series, its impact and legacy.”

Sir David Jason and other members of the team will analyse their favourite sequences, experiences and memories, giving viewers unprecedented access to John Sullivan’s Peckham-based masterpiece.

There will be an exclusive behind-the-scenes look at how certain scenes arose and it will also feature rare and unseen footage from the Trotter archives. The series is expected to be shown on Gold later this year.


Bobby BraggWe were very sorry to hear of the passing of comedian and actor Bobby Bragg.

Bobby worked as warm-up man on many series of Only Fools and Horses and then played Don, the Nag’s Head barman, in Rock and Chips. He also appeared in episodes of dozens of British comedy series including Open All Hours, The Upper Hand, Don’t Wait Up and Ever Decreasing Circles.

“Bobby was a lovely man and a terrific comedian,” says Jim Sullivan. “Being a warm-up man at the studio recording of a TV comedy isn’t an easy job. There’s a lot of stop-starting and Bobby was brilliant at compering the evenings and keeping the audience happy and entertained during technical breaks.

“Bobby had an infectious enthusiasm for his job – and was always smiling. My Dad thought a great deal of him, which is why he was cast in Rock and Chips. Our thoughts are with his family.”

a2-poster_page_2_image_0003Shazam Productions is delighted to announce the publication of Only Fools and Horses: The Peckham Archives.

The new book is a highly pictorial guide to world of the Trotters and includes extracts of original scripts by the show’s creator John Sullivan along with material like Del Boy’s secret cocktail recipes, extracts from Joan Trotter’s diaries, Rodney’s school reports and Trigger’s Dos and Don’ts flash cards.

“Rod Green and Mike Jones and all the team at Random House have done a great job in capturing the story of Only Fools and its characters in a fresh and fun way,” says Jim Sullivan.

“In helping to put the book together I finally got round to organising and going through the scripts, 68 in all and at least four drafts of each, so it took a while. Discovering all of my dad’s script notes, edits and dialogue changes throughout the series has given me new insight in to, and appreciation of, how he worked, and it is a pleasure to share some examples of that in the book.”



Gareth and NickWe are greatly saddened to hear of the loss of producer and director Gareth Gwenlan OBE.

“Gareth was a good friend of my Dad, an integral member of the Only Fools family and a lovely man,” says Jim Sullivan. “Our thoughts are with his family.”

Gareth was producer of Only Fools and Horses from 1988 onwards and also produced John Sullivan’s series Heartburn Hotel, The Green Green Grass, Rock & Chips and Roger, Roger.


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Lovely jubbly – Del Boy’s iconic yellow van from Only Fools and Horses may be turned into a LEGO® model if fans get their way.

Shazam Productions – the media production company founded by Only Fools and Horses creator John Sullivan – is pushing ahead with plans for the distinctive three-wheeler to be immortalised by LEGO®, the world’s most popular toy brand.

A LEGO® prototype of the van along with provisional Del, Rodney and Uncle Albert minifigures has been created by professional LEGO® building company Bright Bricks – and it is now live on LEGO® Ideas website and if the project receives the backing of enough people then LEGO® may licence and release it.

“It would be fantastic to see the Trotter van available as a LEGO® set so we’re hoping Only Fools fans will get behind the idea and pledge their support,” says Shazam Production’s Jim Sullivan.

 “Only Fools and Horses is a British institution and Del’s three wheeler is iconic so we think a lot of Only Fools fans of all ages would love the chance of owning one made out of LEGO®,” says Steve Clark, Managing Director of Splendid Media, which is handling the project on behalf of Shazam Productions.

Lego Ideas allows users to submit projects to Lego consideration as products. Successful LEGO® sets which have been developed through Lego ideas include Doctor Who, Ghostbusters, Big Bang Theory and Minecraft.

The project is live here:

Television-Only-Fo_2123000bOnly Fools and Horses has been named 9th in a list of top British icons, ahead of The Beatles, Winston Churchill and The Queen.

The poll was carried out by tea company Tetley which said it wanted to shine “a light on how Brits feel about the country and the things people associate with Britishness.”

Here’s the full list of top 20 British icons:

1. Traditional Roast Dinner
2. Fish and chips
3. BBC
4. Union Jack
5. Wimbledon
6. A British cup of tea
7. The London Underground
8. The Royal Family
9. Only Fools and Horses
10. The Beatles
11. NHS
12. The City of London
13. Buckingham Palace
14. Red buses
15. Winston Churchill
16. Queen
17. Queuing
18. Cream tea
19. James Bond
20. Stonehenge


11062047_860942897309636_23330304872330976_oPeople have been asking who actually wrote Del Boy’s autobiography He Who Dares.

The 302-page book is based on Only Fools and Horses creator John Sullivan’s scripts but was written by John’s son, Jim, who has previously written episodes of Only Fools spin-off The Green Green Grass and also last year’s Sport Relief sketch which saw the Trotters rub shoulders with David Beckham.  Jim also added material from John’s notes which means the book contains original and authentic material that has never been seen before.

Jim said: “We wanted the book to be as authentic as it could possibly be and my main concern was getting the tone of Del right.  Del would write as he speaks, which isn’t always pretty (or coherent), but it has its own rhyme and reason.”

There’s more on this on the blog of Steve Clark, author of Only Fools and Horses: The Official Inside Story here.

You can order the book here: 

Express review

He Who Dares… may look like a disposable Christmas stocking filler but this “genuine autobiography” is surprisingly poignant and makes for an enjoyable read,” the Daily Express says of He Who Dares, the autobiography of Peckham legend Del Boy Trotter.

You can read the full review here.


The Lady Interview - Del Boy BookLovely jubbly… Del’s only wheedled his way into The Lady magazine to plug his autobiography He Who DaresYou can click on the picture to see the full article or click here to go to The Lady website.


He Who Dares, the autobiography of Del Boy Trotter has become a Sunday Times best-seller.

The book, published by Ebury, has reached number seven in the prestigious book chart. Del Boy commented: “Get in there my son!”

You can order the book here.